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The Wagon Wheel Market meat department features USDA Choice Certified Premium Beef. This means that out of every 100 cattle that grade "USDA Choice", only the top 15 of those are nice enough to make our program. There is a huge difference between regular USDA Choice and our CERTIFIED PREMIUM USDA CHOICE meat! We have been in the meat business and in this store for over thirty years. We have seen a lot of programs and had many companies try and sell is their cattle. The reason we went with the Certified Premium Program through Farmland, is that we feel it offers the best and most consistent cattle on the market today.

We also offer Wagon Wheel Meat Packs. These feature a variety of beef, pork, chicken, sausages and hot dogs designed to keep you stocked up with all your favorites! Individual meat packs range in total weight from 25 to 51 pounds. To see our current Meat Pack selections, click on the red Meat Packs Info button below.

Our standard specialty meat products include:

  • Every day, multiple times a day, we cook BBQ pork ribs, whole chickens and our marinated tri tips in a rotisserie oven. Our ribs are seasoned first with a BBQ spice, and then sauced with a western style sweet & sour BBQ sauce. They are tender and delicious ribs that are a favorite of many and have even been featured in a write up in Sunset Magazine! Our whole chickens feature a BBQ spice, lemon garlic seasoning, or our own Santa Maria style seasoning. If you only need half a chicken, just ask! We’ll gladly cut on in half for you. We cook a variety of our marinated tri tips throughout the day as well. Whether you would like us to make a sandwich with it for you, or sell you some sliced by the pound for dinner, it’s sure to be a hit!

    Stop by and try one of our rotisserie BBQ pork ribs, chickens or marinated tri tips today!


  • Our marinated tri tips are all produced in house using recipes we have developed over the last 30 years. The tri tips are out of our USDA Choice Certified Premium program. They are also peeled which means you only pay for edible meat not fat.

    Flavors include:

    Mesquite: A mild smokey flavor. Great for all occasions. 
    Santa Maria: A garlic chili powder and rosemary base. This marinade is not hot and a must try if you are a garlic lover! 
    BBQ: A touch of cayenne, onion powder and garlic give this marinade a full flavor and a little bite.
    Cajun: If you like something with some heat we recommend this marinade. Be cautious with kids when serving this flavor. 
    Teriyaki: A traditional teriyaki marinade using fresh garlic and ginger. If you are a teriyaki fan you will really enjoy this one. 


  • We offer a large selection of whole muscle jerky and snack stix, all of which may be shipped using regular ground rates.

    We use only top round meat out of premium cattle to make our jerky. We never lower our standards when processing any of our products such as using cheap meat from dairy cows or bull meat. This has never and will never happen in the production of any of our prepared meat products!

    Styles and flavors include:

    Jerky – USDA Choice Certified Premium Beef

  • Beef Peppered: Black pepper give it a light enjoyable heat but not too spicy for kids. 
  • Beef Teriyaki: A full flavored teriyaki that anyone can enjoy.
  • Beef Garlic and Peppered: For the garlic lover.
  • Beef Apple: A little sweet. Apple juice cured jerky that is a must try in our opinion!
  • Beef Sweet & Hot: Nice mellow sweet start followed by a noticeable bite created by adding a touch of cayenne pepper to the cure.

    Snack Stix


    Our snack stix are made using only the highest quality ingredients. They are very lean and never greasy! The peppered snack stix can be a touch spicy. The teriyaki snack stix are enjoyed by everyone. We offer flavors in beef, venison and turkey.


  • Beef Peppered
  • Beef Teriyaki
  • Venison Peppered
  • Venison Teriyaki
  • Turkey Peppered
  • Turkey Teriyaki

  • Our marinated chicken breasts are a must try product! They are tender and juicy, never tough or dry. They are boneless, skinless, waste free and extremely easy to prepare. Grill them, bake or broil them. The possibilities are endless!

    Flavors include:

    Teriyaki: A traditional teriyaki using fresh ginger and garlic. Have us slice them for your stir fry!

    Hawaiian: A little like a sweet & sour with a touch of anisette giving it a unique flavor.

    Western BBQ: A smokey sweet flavor, one that everybody likes. Best off the grill.

    Sweet & Spicy: This marinade has a nice sweet flavor followed by an enjoyable kick of heat.

    Italian: The olive oil, dry vermouth and fresh garlic give this a full Italian flavor! Try this over a pasta alfredo.

    Tomato Basil: With tomatoes and a fresh pesto sauce we create this from scratch. Try this over a pasta with red sauce.

    Hot & Spicy: For those who like a little heat in their marinade. Great for grilling

    Santa Maria: The garlic chili powder and rosemary make this a hit with any crowd.

    We now feature stuffed chicken breasts!

    We start with a plain chicken breast which is stuffed then dipped in butter and rolled in parmesean cheese, homemade bread crumbs and spices.

    Mexican Breast: Stuffed with mild green chili and Monterey jack cheese. Serve with rice and refried beans and fresh salsa.

    Cordon Blue: Stuffed with our custom cured and smoked ham and Swiss cheese.


  • We produce a full line of fresh and smoked sausages using 100% pork, 100% poultry and a beef and pork mix. Our smoked sausages are all pre-cooked in the Smoke House and need only to be heated through before enjoyed. All of our sausage are made with only the highest quality ingredients. They are never greasy or full of water like many sausages can be today.

    The following are made with apples and brown sugar. A nice sweet smoked sausage. They are mild, full flavored sausages that anyone can enjoy.

    Apple Sausage: A sweeter sausage made with apples and brown sugar.

    Polish: A traditional kielbasa sausage.  A mild and full flavored sausage anyone can enjoy.

    North Country: Our version of a dinner frank. Mild and full flavored.

    Bratwurst: A traditional brat! Enjoy with fresh sauerkraut.

    Ham & Swiss: A mild smoky sausage with Swiss cheese. Try this cut up and added to scrambled eggs.

    Cheezy Polish: Our great polish sausage flavor with cheddar cheese. Try as a chili dog!

    Campfire Country: For those who like it HOT!

    Linguisa: Burgundy wine gives this sausage a great flavor.

    Jalapeno and Cheddar Cheese: One of our personal favorites! Not too hot with lots of flavor.

    German: Crushed chilies give this sausage a little heat.

    Fresh sausages include:

    Bulk Country: Great for biscuits & gravy. Also available made with Turkey.

    Hot & Mild Italian: Perfect for spaghetti, lasagna or any other Italian dish

    Fresh Polish: Mild with great flavor.

    Swedish Potato: The fresh potatoes and onions give this sausage a unique and pleasing flavor we feel you will love. This is a must try.

    The following fresh sausages are stuffed into natural sheep casings and are a perfect compliment to any breakfast. A must try in our opinion.

    Apple Sausage links: Our popular apple sausage seasoning in a breakfast link. Try it!

    Country Sausage links: Our most popular sausage flavor in a breakfast link.

    Cajun Country Sausage links: A breakfast link with some heat!

    The following are 100% chicken sausages:

    Chicken Apple: A nice sweet sausage made with apples and brown sugar.

    Thai: A sweet sausage with a little bite of crushed chilies.

    Santa Fe BBQ: A smokey little bit sweet sausage everyone loves.

    Sun Dried Tomato & Artichoke: Fresh artichokes & tomato, green onions and bell peppers.

    Chicken Jalapeno & Chedder: If you like jalapenos – these are a must try!

    Apple: A nice sweet sausage made with apples and brown sugar.